FAQ : eyeMirror

  • Q.When swiping up or down, message 'only custom filters are editable' was shown. What is this?

    A.Only 'Custom Filter 1-10' are editable until purchasing Optional-Features.

    Also you can change filter's order with 'Edit Filter' feature in settings even if you don't purchase Optional-Features.

  • Q.It seems some custom filters has been set initialy.

    A.'Custome Filter 1-5' has been set as sample.

    It's just a sample. You able to edit 'Custom Filter 1-5' freely. 6-10 has not been set any values. These are just like as 'No Filter'.

  • Q.What is ECO Mode?

    A.ECO Mode is power saving mode.

    Eco mode effects depends on indivisual devices.

    Because of ECO mode give more priority to power saving than performance, frame rate of camera become low than usual.

    This feature is available with iPhone 5s or later, iPad 3 or later.

    If 'Low Power Mode' that has been added to iOS 9 is turned on, eyeMirror will be forced to run as ECO mode.

    And when ECO mode or 'Low Power Mode' is turned on, the device will be paused automatically by lay down for 1 minute.

  • Q.What is 'Sync with iCloud'?

    A.Setting synchronization using iCloud.

    Synchronize settings with same iCloud account between devices. If you have several iOS devices or upgrade model, this feature become useful.

    To use this feature, you need sign in to iCloud in 'Settings' app.

    When you get a new device, sign in to iCloud at first, then install app to synchronize settings to new one.

  • Q.Which settings will be synchronized?

    A.All filter settings.

    Also 'Theme', 'Light Width', 'Pause by Tap', 'Location Info' will be synchronized.

  • Q.Which device recommended

    A.iPhone 5s or later

    Recomended: iPhone 5s or later, iPad 3 or later, iPod Touch 6 or later

    Required: iPhone 4 or later, iPad 3 or later, iPod Touch 6 or later

    *Please choose recomended devices if you use 'Beautiful Skin Filter'.

  • Q.Sometimes the mirror is stopped

    A.The mirror may stop unusually when headphone plugged in.

    This problem depends on individual device. The mirror will be unpaused automatically after waiting for a while. If the mirror will not be recovered, please kill and restart.

    Please unplug headphone if you use app for a long time with device which has this problem.

  • Q.eyeMirror does not startup

    A.Unusually, eyeMirror may not startup with iOS 8.3

    Update to the latest iOS and try again.

    How to update iOS: 'General' > 'Software Update' in 'Settings' app.

    How to check current version: 'General' > 'About' > 'Version' in 'Settings' app.